Chapter Update

Growing the Brotherhood

This was quite an eventful year for Indiana Zeta. Following Phi Psi’s return to campus as a colony in 2020 and our rechartering at this past summer’s Grand Arch Council, this academic year marked the official return as the Indiana Zeta Chapter – and we could not be prouder to be Phi Psis.

Overall, we had one of the best recruiting years to date. Despite a large portion of the chapter house being in disarray due to water damage and subsequent construction, formal recruitment went very well. One of our current members, Finn Williams, organized and led a successful week of different events for formal recruitment. His commitment and excitement empowered the whole brotherhood. A week of high spirits and optimism really paid off for us.

Concluding the Spring 2023 semester, our chapter successfully recruited nine additional members to the chapter, while we are saying goodbye to five graduating seniors. Though we recognize our numbers may not be as high as we had hoped for, the officer team has taken a lot of time this past semester in coming up with a solid recruitment strategy to boost Phi Psi’s presence and success at Butler. Taking the proper time to come up with an effective recruiting strategy for the fall has energized the brothers for this next year and next chapter of Phi Kappa Psi at Butler.

The more our chapter is grows, the more committed we are to creating a strong bond within our brotherhood. One highlight from this past semester was that our chapter had a brotherhood event where we went to Victory Field in downtown Indy to watch an Indians game.

Through thick and thin, our chapter continues to grow – both in numbers and in the bond. We will not let Indiana Zeta down!