Alumni Spotlight

David Womer ’71

We had the chance to connect with one of our outstanding alumni, David Womer ’71, to ask him what life has been like since college, and what Phi Psi has meant for him over the years.

What made you want to join Phi Psi?

I joined Phi Psi because of the relationships that developed after coming to Butler. I transfered to Butler University as a junior in the fall of 1969. It was the first full year as a colony for Indiana Zeta. At this time the colony had no house and most of the actives were living in Ross Hall. My roommate was Tom Sughrue who became an active during that fall. Our room became a popular location for a number of the current brothers to visit because of its location in the dorm and the fact that Tom was on the college debate team and at least four other brothers were on that team. I came to know many of the brothers as friends and thus joined the Fraternity at the beginning of the second semester.

What are some of your cherished Phi Psi memories?

Things I most remember from my undergraduate days would include the installation of Indiana Zeta as a chapter of Phi Kappa Psi in May of 1971. Also, being a part of a colony that was growing on the Butler campus and beginning on the road of being a leading fraternity. Finally, the bonding with my brothers when we competed in events on or off campus. I was the organizer of the first Indiana Zeta spring break trip to Florida.

How did your parents react to you joining Phi Psi?

My parents were not concerned about my joining a fraternity. The fact I was already a junior and had established a solid grade average by then probably lessened their concern. As parents we had no issues when our son, Wesley became a member of Indiana Zeta in 2000.

Since graduating, how have you stayed connected or involved with Phi Psi?

I have stayed connected with the chapter particularly in the last decade. After attending the 40th year reunion several of the charter members got together for an afterparty drink. It was mentioned that we should make a point to meet on a regular basis since we were getting older. Several months later I saw in The Shield under Chapter Eternal that my roommate senior year Stan Kletecka, had passed. This motivated me to start an annual Butler men’s basketball game to get together for those brothers in the first half dozen years. Since 2013, excluding two years during COVID we have chosen a Big East game for the brothers and significant others to attend and then to meet up for refreshments and reminiscing. Also, I was on the planning committee for the 50 year celebration of Phi Psi at Butler.

Since graduating, what kind of work have you done?

I retired in 2018. After graduating from Butler, I went to law school and graduated from Indiana University, McKinney School of Law. I worked for nearly forty-two years in the title insurance business as an underwriter. For 20 years I managed the Indiana National Commercial Services office for First American Title Insurance Company.

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