Joining Phi Kappa Psi is a great way to learn crucial life skills outside of the classroom. We believe in positively impacting the community while ensuring our members experience personal, academic and professional growth.

Joining any fraternity is a commitment. Joining Phi Kappa Psi is a commitment that brings with it lifelong benefits and friendships. It is more more than joining a social group. It is becoming part of and that focuses on contributing to the betterment of one’s character, integrity and academics.

Phi Kappa Psi offers an extraordinary opportunity for you to become a leader. Indiana Zeta is a self-governing organization that provides an impactful hands-on experience to its members. The chapter has a responsibility to service and provide for its members, the University and the greater Butler community. Members of Phi Psi enjoy a high level of involvement in campus and community life. Whether it’s organizing a winning intramural team, balancing the chapter’s finances, or helping a brother with his homework, all the tasks are important to the chapter. In addition, membership in Phi Kappa Psi helps individuals develop leadership skills through experiences. Phi Psi promotes a new member education program designed to help new members develop their own leadership potential and adopt effective scholarship habits. Helping each man discover and cultivate his particular talents develops strong individuals and also strengthens the collective membership.

Phi Kappa Psi places a strong emphasis on academic success. Both nationally and locally offered scholarships provide financial assistance to members and promote the importance of the chapter’s focus on scholarship. The chapter supplements these awards with time management workshops, tutoring and mentoring programs.

The close interaction among members that occurs through participation during all types of events and by living together fosters a bond that is unparalleled to any other experience.   

National Affiliation
The Indiana Zeta chapter is part of a network of strong Phi Psi chapters across the country that follow the same principles and ideals. The benefit from this national affiliation is that members have the opportunity to meet people and build relationships with brothers during national and regional events.

Community Service & Philanthropy
One of the greatest advantages of being involved with Phi Psi is the opportunity to participate in service and philanthropic events organized by the chapter. Members work together and are involved in a myriad of projects which not only benefit the community and worthy causes but also foster personal growth and greater unity among members. Just a few of the numerous activities include playing games with the young and the elderly, cleaning up the community, Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, blood drives, etc.

Success in life is often directly tied to the connections you’ve made along the way. Members of Phi Kappa Psi benefit from having an interconnected network throughout the country. These relationships often assist members in finding exceptional employment opportunities and advancing their career.

Phi Kappa Psi is committed to the total education of our members. Not only do we concentrate on academics, but we also educate on social issues such a goal setting, relationship building, health and wellness, safety, sexual assault prevention, alcohol/drug abuse, etc. We believe it is important to develop men of excellence, those that will lead our chapter as our University community into the future.

Athletics prove to be an important physical and mental outlet for Phi Psi’s members. They help brothers improve self-confidence and develop teamwork. Whatever your sport or skill level, you will always find an opportunity to play on one of Phi Psi’s many intramural teams.

Phi Psi recognizes that the most essential and prevailing reason for attending Butler University is to learn and excel academically. However many students will agree campus life extends beyond the realm of the classroom. It is Phi Psi’s believe that a well rounded collegiate experience includes a delicate balance between academia and social life. Social and recreational activities offer the opportunity to meet a variety of people and strengthen one’s circle of friendship and brotherhood. Formal dinners, retreats, athletic competitions, alumni and Homecoming activities, all offer the opportunity to relax and have a great time!

Still questioning the value of Phi Kappa Psi? To non-members, the Phi Psi experience may be viewed as a college experience – a journey prior to embarking on a professional career. For Phi Psi’s members, however, the bond of fraternal friendship begins as an undergraduate and remains unbroken throughout their alumni years. Perhaps it is unforgettable social events, or the thrill of competing on a championship intramural team, or the mutual reward that follows the agony of brothers “pulling late nighters” for finals, it can’t be stated in specifics. Whatever it is, each and every year additional members join the Phi Psi family and form unbreakable bonds of friendship.

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