IN Zeta Alumni Updates


Dear Brothers:

It is with a very heavy heart that we write to the alumni of the Indiana Zeta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. 

During the Spring and Fall semesters of 2014, Butler University and our National Fraternity found the undergraduate members of Indiana Zeta responsible for multiple risk management violations on several different occasions. Based upon this record, the University has decided to withdraw the chapter’s recognition on campus for a period of not less than three years.

In 2011 chapter operations and attitude had degraded to the point where a supervisory committee was put in place and a membership review followed. Poor scholarship, chapter debt, damages to the house and numerous risk management concerns were the catalysts for this action. We responded to the situation to insure the chapter would continue to be supported by the Fraternity and the University.

Over the last three years, we made slow but steady progress. Finances are in order, a new Code of Conduct was implemented, a few additional members have been suspended or left on their own, and we continued to work to get the group back on track to be a leader on campus once again. Multiple meetings with the Vice President for Student Affairs, Levester Johnson, reaffirmed the University was serious about the change necessary to be an asset to Butler.

Last week the chapter was found guilty of hosting an unregistered gathering at the house where underage students were served and alcohol was freely accessible to attendees – the fifth risk management violation in 12 months. This was the final blow for the University and they made good on their promise in January this year that one more serious violation would result in loss of recognition.

The Supervisory Committee, Chapter Advisor Tom Pennington and Ray Volpe met with all the undergrads on Friday evening at 6:00pm to share the news, answer any questions we could and provide support. It was a meeting full of emotions including anger, confusion, frustration and disappointment. It was encouraging to see their compassion for each other, their spirit and belief in Phi Kappa Psi and their passion. This simply affirmed to us we were making headway in our efforts to bring change. It was also sobering to realize we fell short in helping some of these young men.

What Now?
As you can imagine, this difficult process is only made worse with the timing of the holidays. Members of the Supervisory Committee, House Corporation and Advisor team are working with the students, parents and the University to insure students will be housed and their questions answered. The house will be closed, as usual, for winter break and we will allow those who already left campus after finals to claim their possessions in January, when students return for move-in to the residence halls. The University already has reserved space for all our members.

The students will remain members of Phi Kappa Psi and, upon graduation, will be alumni in good standing.  The Fraternity headquarters staff will work with the University and an alumni group to negotiate and plan the return of Phi Kappa Psi to Butler’s campus. Butler has set a minimum of three years before we can return. It is their desire that all current undergrads would graduate or leave before we would receive permission to re-establish the chapter. 

We have asked about the chapter house and whether the university might be willing to use it as an extension of on campus residence halls. Butler has agreed to do a walk-through with our house corporation soon after the first of the year, to determine what improvements must be made to qualify for consideration as a campus residence hall.

Changes or improvements will need to be made, but once finished the house may be used to accommodate residence hall overflow or a campus living group. This arrangement should provide income for us to stay current with our mortgage. In addition, we have initiated conversation with the Canonsburg Corporation, our National Housing Corporation, on what assistance they may be able to provide to us if needed.

There has been some vandalism of the house allegedly done by undergraduates living outside the property. This occurred in the early morning hours on Saturday after the announcement of the closing. An investigation is in process with Butler University Police Department for at least four men identified, some of whom were suspended from the chapter earlier. It is our intent to prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

Private security has been employed to keep an eye on the house through the break. BUPD has also promised increased patrols and we will have a house director living in. The Charter and Ritual regalia have been secured and most of the composites and other chapter awards and property are being collected.

This is a very sad occurrence, but the alumni we’ve heard from are committed to return to Butler as soon as possible with a chapter we all can be proud to support. It will take communication, hard work and some fundraising, but we will return stronger and better. If you have additional questions or want to help, please contact one of us.


Indiana Zeta Supervisory Committee Members:

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House Corporation:

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An Important Announcement for Indiana Zeta Alumni